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IDPDB-IDNameAssemblyMethodSource OrganismClassSubclass
MF21100061junLeucine zipper domain of the c-Jun homodimerhomodimerNMRSerinus canariaCoils and zippersLeucine zipper (dimeric)
MF21100071dipDelta sleep-inducing peptide immunoreactive peptide A homologhomodimerNMRSus scrofaCoils and zippersLeucine zipper (dimeric)
MF21100084u5tVBP leucine zipperhomodimerX-rayGallus gallusCoils and zippersLeucine zipper (dimeric)
MF21100092oqqHY5 leucine zipper homodimerhomodimerX-rayArabidopsis thalianaCoils and zippersLeucine zipper (dimeric)
MF21200093hnwBasic coiled-coil protein of unknown function (Eubacterium eligens ATCC 27750)homodimerX-rayEubacterium eligensCoils and zippersLeucine zipper (dimeric)
MF22010081ci6Heterodimer of ATF-4 and C/EBP betaheterodimerX-rayHomo sapiens / Mus musculusCoils and zippersLeucine zipper (dimeric)
MF22110021a93c-Myc-Max heterodimeric leucine zipperheterodimerNMRPan paniscus / Mus musculusCoils and zippersLeucine zipper (dimeric)