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IDPDB-IDNameAssemblyMethodSource OrganismClassSubclass
MF31000011m7lTrimerization domain from lung surfactant protein DhomotrimerNMRHomo sapiensCoils and zippersCoiled coil (trimeric)
MF31000021wt6Dystrophia myotonin-protein kinase coiled-coil domainhomotrimerX-rayHomo sapiensCoils and zippersCoiled coil (trimeric)
MF31000034ypcVimentin coil 1B fragment (trimeric)homotrimerX-rayHomo sapiensCoils and zippersCoiled coil (trimeric)
MF31000043hrnC-terminal coiled coil domain of Transient receptor potential (TRP) channel subfamily P member 2homotrimerX-rayHomo sapiensCoils and zippersCoiled coil (trimeric)
MF31100011aq5Assembly domain of cartilage oligomeric matrix protein (chicken)homotrimerNMRGallus gallusCoils and zippersCoiled coil (trimeric)
MF31200022ba2DUF16 domain of MPN010 (Mycoplasma pneumoniae)homotrimerX-rayMycoplasma pneumoniaeCoils and zippersCoiled coil (trimeric)
MF31400022fxpSARS-Coronavirus HR2 Domain (prefusion, trimeric form)homotrimerNMRHuman SARS coronavirusCoils and zippersCoiled coil (trimeric)